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EUROMAC is a registry of patients affected by McArdle Disease and other rare neuromuscular glycogenosis where exercise intolerance is the main symptom



Our labor

About us - professionals

We are researchers in the field of neuromuscular disorders who investigate, at the clinical and research level, on glycogen storage disease type V (GSD V) (OMIM® number 232600), also known as McArdle Disease and other related ultra-rare muscle glycogenoses. We represent twenty institutes from across Europe, plus Turkey and the US, which make up the founding consortium of EUROMAC.




About the conditions
McArdle Disease is an inherited muscle condition. It is also known as Glycogen Storage Disease Type V or myophosphorylase deficiency. 
Info for professionals

The aim of the project is to identify as many patients as possible across all European countries and to collect important clinical and epidemiological data. We hope to create the largest international cohort of people with such rare conditions

Info for patients

You will receive news of EUROMAC’s work and reports of any studies and trials undertaken by partner institutes based on information from the registry.


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