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EUROMAC is a registry of patients affected by McArdle Disease and by other forms of rare neuromuscular glycogenosis where exercise intolerance is the main symptom.

EUROMAC symposium 2016

The first symposium organized by the EUROMAC consortium will gather stakeholders active in the field of muscle glycogenosis from across the globe.

It will be held the 1st April 2016 - London 

A pilot clinical trial for McArdle disease

In this project Dr Ros Quinlivan at University College London will lead an international clinical trial to test, for the first time, the safety and effectiveness of a drug (Sodium Valproate) for McArdle disease. Work carried out in animal models suggests the drug may have a beneficial effect for people with this condition.  

EUROMAC registry continuation

We are glad to announce you that the continuation of the EUROMAC registry is ensured for the next 3 years through funding obtained at two Spanish national calls.  

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